Bachelor's Program

This program is classified into basic subjects of faculty of engineering, special subjects for mechanical engineering department, and interdisciplinary special subjects. These are arranged so that the students can systematically learn a wide range of engineering subjects to cover the mechanical engineering.

The students study Mechanics, Physics, Thermodynamics, and Fluid Dynamics as basic subject, and Engineering Mechanics, Dynamics of Machinery, Methods of Machine Design, Strength of Material, and Control Theory as special subjects.

Exercises, design and drawing, and experiments along with the lectures are important parts of curriculum in this department, which involves practical exercises in a group of small members with careful instructions. Computer education starts at the first year and provides basic information of computer, introduction to information processing, and exercises in programming, and Numerical Analysis, which lead to the special education.

In third year, the groups based on each interesting theme arrange seminars to get experience for a special knowledge for their studies. In fourth year, the students carry out their graduation study under the special instruction of their supervisors.

The department of Mechanical Engineering consists of the four main courses of lectures with one affiliated laboratory.

Master's Program

Emphasizing consistency with the specialized education students receive at the undergraduate level, the master’s program builds on the basic undergraduate education in the student’s field of specialization to teach the specialized subjects of each department.

The master’s program structure enables students to acquire a broad range of relevant knowledge, from basic to applied science. Once students compile the studies they have conducted over two years (standard term of study) into their master’s thesis and complete the master’s program, they will earn a Master of Engineering degree.

Doctoral Studies

This program is designed to allow students to build on the foundations of basic and applied knowledge acquired through their master’s program to increase their depth of knowledge in their field of specialization and to conduct interdisciplinary research that combines the topics of science and engineering.

Once students compile the studies they have conducted over three years (standard term of study) into their doctoral dissertation and complete the doctoral program, they will earn either a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D), or Doctor of Engineering degree.

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