Department of Mechanical Engineering

Engineering is the bridge between dreams and reality. The Saitama University School of Engineering is developing its research and educational activities with an eye toward the future.

Within this School, the Department of Mechanical Engineering strives for new developments in a wide range of technologies and conducts interdisciplinary research across diverse fields. Mechanical engineering involves technologies that support the very foundations of contemporary society.

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Program in Mechanical Engineering and Science

In the future, "quality and information" will be just as important keywords as the keyword "articles" has been, in creating a comfortable lifestyle. The environment and welfare will also become important themes.

Accordingly the education and research content of mechanical engineering has also changed in many ways. In addition to the latest technological developments in objects that support our daily lives, the challenge continues in producing the next generation of engineers, to whom we entrust our new dreams and hopes for the future.

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Professors have charge of the program at the Department of Mechanical Engineering and are directly involved with the Program in Mechanical and Engineering Science. A list of professors and their research areas is available in another page.

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