Department of Mechanical Engineering, while supporting the foundations of scientific technology, embraces change for the future.


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  • [Faculty] Department of Mechanical Engineering and System Design

    The department is developing its research and educational activities with an eye toward the future. The challenge continues in producing the next generation of engineers playing the significant role that support the development of Japan's monodzukuri industry.

  • [Graduate School] Program in Mechanical Engineering and Science

    Mechanical engineering involves technologies that support the very foundations of contemporary society. The department strives for new developments in a wide range of technologies and conducts interdisciplinary research across diverse fields.

  • Education

    Education program are arranged so that students can systematically learn a wide range of engineering subjects to cover mechanical engineering.

  • Research

    This department aims to deepen mechanical engineering by traditional approach, and expand it in close cooperation with interdisciplinary research area.

  • Graduate School Entrance Examination

    Latest information about graduate school entrance examination are provided.

  • Career(Japanese Only)

    A major of graduates continue onto graduate school, others find jobs in a broad range of fields.

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